Deaf Smith Elementary School Ministry

St. John's has adopted Deaf Smith Elementary School in order to provide much-needed support to this Title-I school with wonderful kiddos. Because the school does not currently have a PTO, we are providing some of the faculty support (such as teacher luncheons) that these wonderful teachers go without. We are also serving as tutors for the children. There are lots of fun ways you can be a part of this! Forms to sign up are available in the church office.

*Background check required for those working directly with students.

  • Tutoring

    During the school year, we provide basic reading, math and ESL tutoring at neighboring Deaf Smith Elementary.

    *Hoping to resume for the 2022-2023 school year.*

  • Box Tops

    The Box Tops for Education Program (from General Mills products) is now digital! Go to the Box Tops website to set up your account, listing Smith Elementary as your chosen school.

  • Teacher Meals

    Because Smith Elementary does not have a PTO, St. John's has taken on that role. These meals take place three times per year: a brunch at the beginning of the school year, a soup lunch at Christmastime, and a big luncheon at the end of the year.

  • Christmas Store

    This two-part ministry begins with the collection of items to include in a "store" for the students at Smith Elementary.  They are able to shop for Christmas presents for their family members using points they have earned throughout the year. After the collection and organization, it is time for the actual store!  The store is open for three days and requires volunteers to work at the store and help the students pick out their items.

  • Etiquette Classes

    These classes run for several weeks and students at Smith Elementary are invited to participate if they are interested.  The students learn about table manners, place settings, and napkin folding.  At the conclusion of the classes, the students are able to enjoy a wonderful meal to practice their new skills.

    *Hoping to resume for the 2022-2023 school year.*

  • Teacher Buddies

    Smith Elementary Teacher Buddies are pairings between teachers and volunteers from St. John's.  As the St. John's volunteer, you receive a list of your buddy's likes, dislikes, and favorites so you can provide a few surprises for her or him during the year.