In-Person Worship

-Covid-19 Style-

Guidelines for Attending Worship in Wendt Hall

•We strongly encourage anyone with health limitations or age concerns to stay home and participate with us via Facebook Live at 11:00. Stay safe and stay home.

•Please perform a health check on yourself before coming to church on Sunday. If you feel sick at all, or think you might have possible symptoms, please stay home.

•Worship will be at 10:00.

•To ensure availability, worship is by reservation only. You may RSVP by the link provided in your weekly email.

•A distance of six feet between family units will be maintained at all times.

•Wearing masks by all person is required. If you are unable or unwilling to abide by this, we ask that you stay home and participate via our Facebook Live feed at 11:00.

•Please note that those leading and/or speaking in worship shall remove their masks for short periods in order to communicate more effectively. However, they will do so only at a set distance of no less than 12 feet from the congregation.

•No congregational singing will be allowed at this time, but we have planned for a meaningful worship experience nonetheless.

•No child care will be offered at this time and we recommend that children under 10 years old stay home.

•A collection plate will not be passed, but a central collection drop-off will be offered.

•No small groups/Sunday school classes will be opened at this time. If you are looking for a small group to be a part of, please contact Pastor Jeff.

•All worshippers will enter Wendt Hall via the door under the porte cochere.

•These guidelines are a work in progress and will be revised from month-to-month. Thanks for your patience as we strive to offer a safe and meaningful worship experience.