Manna Bags

As a way to minister to the homeless our members encounter, St. John's has created the Manna Bag Ministry. These gift-bags are filled with non-perishable foods as well as the Word and love of God. We ask that members donate $5 per bag to take and give to someone in need that they may encounter on their way to work or daily drive around town. The money donated for the bags will go into a fund used to buy more food for the project. Before the bags can be filled, we need the following items to fill them with. Thank you for your donations and please drop them off in the church office.

Granola Bars

Goldfish Crackers

Cans of peaches (with plastic spoon)

Vienna Sausages (with plastic spoon)


Bottles of Water

Apple Juice

Trail Mix

The small version of the Bible

Greeting cards of encouragement

Other non-perishable foods

We also ask that while you of course do not have to donate all of the above items, please donate proportionately so that we will be able to fill each bag with a variety of items. For more information, please see William Murphree.