Lay Leadership for St. John’s UMC


Administrative Council   (meets quarterly on 3rd Sunday, 7:00pm)
Purpose:  To provide general oversight of St. John’s’ administration and programming;  to establish goals, objectives, policies and procedures based on recommendations of the administrative and program committees.  Chairperson: JoAnn Brown

Lay Leadership Committee (meets as needed)
Purpose:  To select members to serve on the committees of St John’s.
Chairperson:  Rev. Eric Ryburn

Staff Parish Relations Committee (meets monthly on 2nd Sunday, 5:00pm)
Purpose:  To support and enable pastors and staff to work effectively in leading and equipping the congregation for witness and service; to consult with pastors and the bishop regarding pastoral leadership of the congregation; to guide members of the congregation who feel called to ordained ministry in the UMC.
Chairperson: Lynn Hewitt; Members: Joe Benes, Jimmy Brooks, Irvine Carpenter, Stephen Doggett, Carol Edwards, Cathy Harris, Beth Kellner, Robert Oates, Carol Riley, and Liz Sulak.

Finance Committee (meets 3rd Sunday at 6:00pm)
Purpose:  To develop a balanced budget for the church and ensure that its management supports and strengthens the mission and ministry of St. John’s; to develop and implement plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the adopted budget.
Chairperson:  Mike McConnell 

Board of Trustees (meets monthly on 4th Sunday, Noon)
Purpose:  The Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of all church properties, ensuring they are kept in an appropriate manner so the church can be effective in its ministry.  They work closely with the Parsonage Committee.  If anyone has questions or concerns about the church properties, please feel free to mention it to a committee member so he or she can bring it up for discussion at a meeting.
Chairperson: Greg Gurbach

Parsonage Committee (meets as needed)
Purpose: To maintain and manage all matters regarding the parsonage. Chairperson:  Barbara Benes


Program Ministries

Education Committee (meets every other month on 3rd Sunday at Noon)
Purpose:  To enable the congregation to grow as Disciples of Christ through teaching and learning in large groups, small group studies or independent study. 
Chairperson: Kathy Kail 

Worship Committee (meets as needed)
Purpose:  To enable the congregation to participate actively in relating to God through music, worship and spiritual development.
Chairperson: Marilyn Long 

Stewardship Committee (meets as needed)
Purpose:  To help each person within the congregation develop into a more faithful and effective Christian steward of the community which includes the congregation, the geographic community of the church and the wider community of God’s world.
Chairpersons: Sarah Schimmer 

Membership Audit Committee (meets annually)
Purpose:  To audit the membership roles for inactive members and to provide an opportunity for further contact and to reactivate inactive members.

Missions Committee (meets 2nd Sunday of odd-numbered months at noon)
Purpose:  To provide the congregation the opportunity to be in ministries of compassion, justice and advocacy in dealing with each other and our communities, both local and global.
Chairperson: Jaime Krametbauer 

Evangelism Committee (meets monthly on 2nd Sunday at 5:00pm)
Purpose: To reach out to people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and welcome them with genuine Christian hospitality so that they may develop a relationship with God and live as Christian Disciples.
Chairperson: Joe Benes and Robert Oates 

Communications Committee (meets every other month)
Purpose:  To serve the communication and promotional needs of the church; to make available ideas, resources, and skills to assist work areas/committees in providing effective, unified communication throughout the congregation.
Chairperson: Phil Sulak 

Hospitality Committee (meets as needed)
Purpose: To create a welcoming atmosphere at St. John's for visitors and members.
Chairperson: OPEN

Long Range Planning Task Group
Purpose:  To evaluate St. John’s needs for the future and to develop a plan to meet those ministry needs.

Congregational Care Committee
Purpose:  To equip people and provide resources to meet the spiritual and physical needs of St. John’s family and community through prayer, personal contact, letters and cards.
Chairperson: Kay Harlan 

Bereavement Committee
Purpose: To provide care to grieving families following the death of a family member.
Chairperson: Bunnie Moore 

Board of Directors for St. John’s Little School
Purpose: To support the director and staff in the operation of the school, to regularly review financial statements, approve tuition, salary and budget recommendations and be a liaison to the church.
Chairperson: Vona Morefield 

United Methodist Women
Purpose: To develop a creative, supportive fellowship; to expand concepts of mission; to grow in faith.
President: Bunnie Moore

United Methodist Men
Purpose: To offer support for one another through meals and outings; to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ in mission to the church and the community; to grow in faith.
Chairperson: Jon Weidenfield