Adult Sunday School

St. John's currently has four adult Sunday School classes.  There is sure to be one that is a perfect fit for you!

/files/Images/Adult/Sunday School Classes/Lamplighters-2.jpgLamplight Class

The Lamplight Class welcomes everyone to our unique group of young adults. The class curriculum focuses on asking the difficult questions and digging deeper into the Bible, while applying its teachings to our hectic lives. 

Can't make it every Sunday? No problem!  The class works with stand-alone Bible study experiences, so everyone feels they "belong" on any given Sunday.  

The Lamplight Class is focused on growing the young adult and young family base of the Church and is committed to giving back to the community through our deeds and service.  

Please join us in the Library (Room 408) every Sunday for an exciting Walk!


/files/Images/Adult/Sunday School Classes/Come As You Are.jpg

Come as You Are

We are a group of Christians seeking to get better at seeing God's plan for our lives and following that plan in this hectic world.  

Our study materials vary from contemporary books to videos of relevant topics.  We are currently wrapping up a Lenten study by Rev. Jim Moore.

We are adults of all ages and stages of life, though mostly parents of youth.  We look forward to welcoming new members into our group.  

Come as You Are meets in Room 402 (upstairs in the corner over-looking 4th & Morton) beginning around 9:45.


/files/Images/Adult/Sunday School Classes/Goodnews_class.JPGGood News Class

The Good News Sunday School Class is a lively, talkative group of individuals who care about St. John's, each other and the community. 

Because of the varied interests of the class members, a variety of curricula are presented throughout the year with the class voting on their choices. 

Email prayer requests are sent out weekly in addition to an update regarding project information and the lesson. 

There are opportunities for additional fellowship through the Good News dinner club, theater group, home pot lucks, and the annual Christmas Party. 

Sunday morning fellowship time starts at 9:50 with the lesson beginning at 10:00. Good News meets in Room 409.

/files/Images/Adult/Sunday School Classes/Sojourners.jpgSojourners Sunday School Class - comprised of all ages from various walks of life

Where:  Room 401 - meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 with the lesson starting at 10:00

Focus:  We offer thoughtful teaching along with friendship, prayers, and support for each other. 

Curriculum: the Adult Bible Studies, an official resource for The United Methodist Church, and published quarterly by Cokesbury.  Emphasis is on Biblical selections and text commentary--both of which generate a sometimes spirited, illuminating discussion on Scripture's application to Christians today. Voluntary teaching and devotional presentations by members are encouraged.

Mission:  The class supports outreach projects within and outside the church community.  

Please join our friendly and interactive group as we study the Word of God.

All you who are thirsty, come and drink.

--Isaiah 55:1