St. John's Youth Ministries

From William:

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Registration for Camp is over, and I know we don’t have too many campers signed up, but I do have a favor to ask. With registration being online this year, I’m not as in the loop as far as who all signed up. I know that we have Amber and Reese, Katie Hall, and Ben going. I feel like I am leaving forgetting someone. If you have signed up and I did not list your name please let me know.


May 21st- This is the last Alive for the Spring Semester. Schools are getting out at different times this year due to crazy winter weather so just to make sure we are not having Alive around exams we will start back up on June 11th.


May 30th- Deadline to register for U.M. Army. The cost is $250 this year. U.M. Army is a week- long mission trip for High school students. We will be headed to Nacogdoches this year along with John Wesley UMC and a few other churches.  

Here is the link to register:


June 1st: Meeting at Faith for F.Y.S.H. Camp at 6:00. This meeting will go over basic rules of F.Y.S.H camp for new campers. Following the meeting is another meeting for high school kids that want to volunteer at F.Y.S.H Camp. I do need the insurance information for campers by this time so that I can turn the information into Mrs. O.


June 6th- GAME NIGHT EVERYBODY!!! From 5-9 we will have a game night consisting of games I have not fully planned out yet, but there will be fun, food and fellowship so everyone should come and hang out for a good time will be had. One of the things we will be doing during the game night is having a lip sync battle. For those unfamiliar it is a game Jimmy Fallon will play with some guests on The Tonight Show.

So I am asking that those who want to participate to turn in to me a thirty second portion of an appropriate song that they want to lip sync and dance to.


June 8th- There is a dodgeball tournament at Faith UMC from 5:00-7:00. There will be pizza served as well. Drop off and pick up will be at Faith.


June 11th- Start back up for Alive.


June 12-15th- These are the dates for F.Y.S.H. Camp. It will be in Bay City this year.


June 16th-20th- Vacation Bible School. If your kids are interested in helping out please have them fill out a form to volunteer. I have some forms at the Alive building waiting for them.


June 22nd-27th- District Camp


June 28th-July 6th- Choir Tour


July 20th-26th- U.M. Army


This summer if full of trips and they do cost money, but please don’t let that be the reason your kids don’t get to go. Scholarships are being offered which go to cover half the fee for a trip. If you are interested please let me know.


This is not all we will be doing this summer. There will be some game nights, and other great times to be had, but those times have not been scheduled yet.


There will be Bible studies this summer for both boys and girls. I don’t have the dates yet, but I hope to plan more of it out this week so there will be more information in next week’s e-mail.


If you have any questions about trips, about Alive, about scholarships, or anything else you can e-mail me or give me a call at 662-255-3775.

William Murphree - Youth Director